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Just about everyone has heard of “Franchising” and today it is still one of the most successful and powerful ways to expand, own and run a business by using the intellectual property and support of the franchiser. Some of the most successful franchised businesses are McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, KFC, The Coffee Club, Gloria Jeans and in fact there are more than over ten thousand different types of franchising models available today. It is so successful that there are Franchising Expos being held in Australia in our major capital cities “Click Here for more info”

There are only a couple of draw backs to owning a franchised business, one can be the start up costs, but most of the more successful franchisors have a tried and true business plan that you can take to your bank manager and get a loan for those costs. Second is clients, if the franchise is not set up in a shopping centre or has position – position – position then sometimes getting clients to use your service can be the most expense you will ever have and it is not unheard of that businesspeople can spend tens of thousands of dollars just to get a customer.

Whether your business is franchised or your own great idea, marketing that business can be a bit of a hit and miss affair but at ABC we have not only one of the best ways to advertise and market your business saving time and money using word of mouth referrals but you also have up to thirty other people advertising your business and best of all, you don’t even have to pay them.

The ABC processes developed by ABC management has a proven system so that you can have your business supported and advertised accross not only your (PMA) Prime Marketing Area, but also areas you didn’t know existed.

This is how ABC can be of benefit to you and your business:

  1. Join as a member, recieve training in our guaranteed referral processes, time management power alliances and networking with other like minded businesspeople, all of which will see your business skyrocket.
  2. Take on a management role within ABC and lead your own team of professional businesspeople and in the process earn over $40,000.00 PA and that amount is over and above what your business will turnover. Just think no more paying for advertising ever!
  3. Own and manage 3 clubs and your profits will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Management Agreement:
This is not a franchise arangement but is just as powerful and where you don’t pay fees year after year. ABC’s Management Agreement allows you to take control over your own club or clubs of professional businesspeople while being paid to do so and the amount you get paid depends on how far you are prepared to earn, as we have a scaling finacial option for consideration.

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Other opportunities for leaders within their fields exists within ABC we require the services of Tax Consultants, Business & Life Coaches, Franchise Dealers, Advertising Execitives & Corporate Business owners all of whom can assist with our planned work shops which are designed for our members & guests to receive invalvable information to help them take their businesses to the next level. This will also benefit you & your business as you will become the prime source for these people to expand their business through what you can provide, thus also increasing your network of clients.