About ABC Business Clubs

Owning a business in Melbourne can be a rewarding experience but as a business owner there are times when doing the bookwork, marketing, advertising, paying taxes, paying wages, banking, invoicing, chasing debits, product sourcing, product training, honing people skills, balancing private and personal lives and all round keeping everyone happy can be all to much.

Managing Director of ABC and Rapid Car Removal – In 2000 after being employed in the one position for more than 10 years in the motor industry, with no chance of advancement, decided to start a business and was invited to join a leads generating group, this group was instrumental in making my business successful by using the word of mouth referral system as the only source of advertising. Having clients and making sales does not make for a successful business there is more and while the group I belong to was great for kick starting my business, I knew that other people starting a business would make some if not all of the mistakes that I made.

I wanted to give other business people the advantage of what I had learnt and a place to go where they could learn and receive assistance not just referrals. July 2000, was the start of the first group of ABC at Dandenong a Suburb of Melbourne and this club grew very quickly in membership and from there our other clubs were formed.

ABC is a place to go each week where you meet and associate with like minded individuals who are all faced with the same aspirations but are attending one of our meetings to make running a business a little easier. Each member has their own specialty in various ranges of products and services and these people know that what is required to run a successful business is to enlist the aid of professionals.

Joining as a member you will receive high quality business referrals, business alliances, direct exposure to members’ database of clientele, information on all business matters, working relationships business and personal, assistance in business marketing, high exposure on our website, knowledge and empowerment.
For an invitation to attend one of our meetings to experience what ABC is all about please send us an email by clicking here.

The first step in trying something new is usually the hardest but at ABC we make this process an enjoyable experience.