Business Review – Rapid Car Removal

This week the business we are going to review is

Rapid Car Removal Melbourne
Car Removal Melbourne

Rapid Car Removal is Melbourne based car wreckers. Being a car wrecker their primary objective is to buy cars. Having their own fleet of tow trucks enable them to tow away all sorts of cars and trucks from all over Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Rapid Car Removal have a permanent staff for collecting cars (Tow Trucks), Wrecking Cars (Mechanics and Car Dismantlers) and support and admin staff, which are also car experts.

Rapid Car Removal offers cash quotes over phone and email and also provide free car valuation service for all sorts of

  • Late model cars with RWC and Rego
  • Newer cars without RWC and Rego
  • Old, Used cars with or without RWC and Rego
  • Old, Scrap cars which are not running anymore with or without RWC and Registration
  • Late model trucks with RWC and Rego (having low mileage on the clock)
  • Old, Used trucks with or without RWC and Rego (Any condition)
    • Tipper truck
    • Tilt Tray Trucks
    • Fixed tray
  • New and used UTes and 4×4
  • Any condition Van (With or without RWC)

All deals are done on client’s location at the mutually decided time. All payments are made in Cash on the spot and once, after paperwork is done, car is loaded on tow truck and brought to car yard in Dandenong.

At this points car experts rate each vehicle and mark them for further processing.

  • Vehicles marked (A) are sent to Car Auction companies (on as – is bases)
  • Vehicles marked (I) are sent for dismantling, where expert team of car wreckers open up all reusable parts and stock them in an index.
  • Vehicles marked (s) are sent straight to car smashing plant for metal recycling

Rapid Car Removal admin office logs details of each cars and maintain a record for all vehicles bought, sold, scrapped and wrecked.

All cars are bought legitimate way by thoroughly checking the ownership status and running a full PPSRC record. All paperwork is done infront of the owner.

So if you are searching for “Sell my car in Melbourne” over the internet then give them a call to get instant cash for cars quote. Rapid Car Removal buy cars from Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including entire Geelong and entire Mornington Peninsula. Absolutely free same-day car removal is also provided.