Insight : Car Wreckers Melbourne

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car wreckers melbourne
Car Wreckers Melbourne


Car wrecking business is on the boom in Melbourne region. Car wrecking yards are buying hundreds of cars each day. One of the major reason behind this can be high cost of car repair and maintenance. Most of the time fixing a car more then 10 years old can cost more then the original cost of the car, finding car parts is another hurdle. Last week we took quotation for a 2006 model European car engine and the dealer quoted us $24800 where one can buy the same old car for $5000 in Melbourne.

Buying an old car in Melbourne is easy and cheap but keeping it is costly considering the registration cost, getting the road worthy certificate and acquiring suitable insurance (We strongly recommend car insurance considering current spike of car thefts and car accidents).

Selling an old car is another hassle, especially when one is looking for a premium price from private buyer, we have seen sellers waiting for months to find the right buyer. Car selling and classified websites usually generate more spam calls then original car buyer interested in purchasing that particular car.

So the last most convenient way of selling a car quick is through car wreckers. Car wreckers offers instant cash and usually buys all makes and models of cars. Car wrecking companies usually buy cars for wrecking, i-e, for extracting useful parts and salvaging the metal. So for them car condition and mileage( 2 very important aspects for private car buyers) doesnt matter. As long the car is complete, meaning having engine, transmission, tyres and body parts and enough access for the tow truck to pick the car up, wreckers would be happy to pay cash.

Although the cash offered by wreckers is comparatively less than what a private buyer can give, but hassle is quite less, considering there is no waiting time, you can sell the car as it is.

Having said this we find following wreckers to be most reliable in terms of their payments and services.