The Meeting

What you can expect when attending:

7am Start
The meeting starts: the Director will commence with introducing the team leaders, visitors and guests. Then apologies will be given for those members’ who were unable to make this meeting. At this point a card box is passed around to each participant where they take or fill this box with business cards. Members replenish their compendiums with cards that they have handed out during the previous week.

Promotions: Each member in turn will give a short promotion for their business explaining what and who is a good referral for their business. This segment is a members’ only slot.

Referrals: During the preceding week members’ have been conducting their business, talking to clients friends or maybe even relatives and in this time they have been promoting their fellow ABC associates. This part of the meeting is dedicated to passing on of these referrals and each member will give a short story on whom the referral is for, how they were able to generate it and what is expected. These referrals depending on urgency have in most cases been actioned. Once all members have passed the referrals a notification of how many have been passed in this meeting as well as the total amount of completed business, along with the year to date total.

Speakers: An announcement and introduction is made at this part of the meeting on who is giving a business presentation. This presentation is made by a member which usually runs for approximately 10 minutes and each member on a rotational basis takes their turn. This enables all members to fully explain why people should use their service or products as well as what makes their business unique. On special occasions a guest speaker will be moved into this segment and this guest speaker will be talking on topics that are designed to aid members businesses.

Business Discussion: Each week at this point of the meeting 15 minutes is allotted for discussions about topics regarding business issues. These issues vary from club to club but ultimately it gives members a better insight and undrstanding to the value of acting as a group. Many members and visitors pick up valuable information from these talks, as within each of the groups there are experts on each of the particular subject matters. Business growth is gained by two main ingridience, one, consumers, two, information, customers spending money with you will ensure you can eat today and tomorrow, information in business will feed your entire family.

Promotion: Now that the business discussion has concluded it is time for the next round of promotions. Like the first round members stand and give their spiel but with one difference the visitors are asked if they would like to join in. This gives the members a chance to listen intently to all promotions for advancement of the referral process as well as the speciality of the visitors businesses.

The meeting is drawn to a close by the Director


Is my business suited to the ABC process? If your business centres itself around doing business with consumers of all levels, from multi-national companies to the home consumers then the answer is yes.

As a member do I have to attend the weekly meeting? In short “yes”. The reasons are many and varied for attending these weekly meetings and a few are; building report faster between all members thus ensuring the referrals flow more rapidly and frequently.  The meeting is 90 minutes of marketing for your business once a week with up to thirthy unpaid salespeople all looking for your next sale. Information in business changes daily and for the health of your business a weekly dose is recommended. At each meeting a new visitor attends if you are not there then you miss an important opportunity of promoting your special service.

Can another businessperson join as a member if they do what I do? No, each club has an allottment of one only business category per membership as well as club, so as a member you are guaranteed that no other businessperson can join if they do the same as you. The reason for this is so you are assured of exclusivity of referrals for your business.

Can another businessperson visit my club if they do what I do? Yes, at ABC we give the opportunity to everyone in business to experience what is it that we can do for businesspeople. They may not be able to join your group but should a possition be made vailable to them in another club they would have first right of refusal. If all clubs have that category filled then an oppotunity would be made to that visitor to open another club.  See ABC Oppotunities.

What other benefits to I receive when joining as a member? Membership includes: Dedicated ABC Members page on our  website listing all your contact and business details promoted worldwide, Metadata added to your business details for ease of search engines finding your details, business compendium including business cards holder, members badge, how to information on making your business networking worthy, business referral books as well as business support and mentoring.

How do I attend a meeting? Send us an email including your contact and business details as well as your prime marketing area by clicking here and we will forward you back a personalised invitation to a club in your area.

Do I have to join to attend a meeting?  No, you can attend a meeting as a visitor and if you wish you can also bring a guest. We also give visitors the chance to attend a clubs meeting on three occasions before making a discission on joining.

What are the costs to be a member of ABC? ABC Management believes that networking a business should be affordable to all size businesses whether they supply one dollar or one million dollar items. So your investment is a one off Registration Fee of $400.00 and a Quarterly Membership fee of $150.00 all tax deductable. The only other cost is a meeting fee of between $20.00 to $25.00 depending on area, this amount is a payment to the venue for venue hire and you also receive breakfast.

Is the costs to be a member a tax deduction for my business? Every dollar that you spend with ABC has a tax receipt issued to you for claiming as a business expence.

Please check with your accountant.

Is there paperwork to complete in regards to joining as a member?  Yes, a Membership Application and Transfer Form is required to be completed by each person wishing to join ABC. When completed and forwarded to head office within 24 hours notice is given to applicant of approval. Click HERE to print copy.